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Alex’s Snake

Monday, July 30th, 2007

And here’s the picture of the snake skin… it must be as thick as my arm in real life! Terrifying!


Travels with Soccer

Monday, July 30th, 2007

And I’m back! Sorry for the long wait. Since winning the East Coast UniGames, it has stopped raining and we had to catch up on all the soccer games we missed in June. It was also holidays for the undergrads, so we were missing quite a few players. Basically, I was sick for a few days after UniGames, then played 14 games of soccer over 15 days, often 2 games per night with a night off in the middle, and it was probably only 5°C when we were playing at night - brrrrr! Soccer is a summer sport! What’s up with the cold here? We made it to the semi-finals though - and won! So we have the second semi-finals next week, and hopefully the finals just after that.

The semi-finals were in Nowra, even though we weren’t playing Nowra, and since the game was on Saturday this weekend we ended up staying the night at Alex’s dad’s house just outside the town. Very cute B&B house, up on a mountain with a stunning view down to the ocean. We bought lots of food, got slightly drunk, and stayed up talking and singing and playing Trivial Pursuit. Apparently there are snakes living in the ceiling of the house, but they’re in hibernation right now since it’s so cold. We did see some shed snake skins though hanging over a doorway in a storage room. I’ve got a shot of Alex holding up one of the skins on my camera - I’ll put it up when I get home.

But the most exciting news since the last post - all the guys are now back! Budi and Roland arrived back in Sydney on the 18th, Ziv on the 20th, and Stanley on the 21st! Oh, I was happy to have Ziv back! I do NOT like living along. June nearly killed me - rain and cold and no soccer and nothing to do but study. July was a bit better - I nearly had more soccer than I could handle so I wasn’t quite so lonely. I nearly panicked though when Stuart decided to send the guys back to China AGAIN this Thursday. I will be in Canada by the time they’re back, then they’re going to China again when I get back, then I’m going to Brisbane - I wouldn’t see them again until October! Budi and Roland I probably won’t see for a while now, but Ziv will stay this time. Relief and Happiness! And then I’m home!

Oh, and of course, Harry Potter! How exciting was that? And yes, it was available in Australia 5 whole hours before it was available in North America. Time travel is good for something!

Picture Catch-Up

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

After winning the championship match:


With our gold medals!


The Bruise (not as impressive as it was a week ago though…)


The Snake



Saturday, July 7th, 2007

We are the champions, my friends!

Yes, the University of New South Wales womens team has won the East Coast division of UniGames. We now qualify for the Australia-wide UniGames to be held at the end of September somewhere on the Gold Coast. I’ll put in a photo of the team as soon as I can figure out how to do that again. The other exciting thing was that we did not allow a single goal the whole tournament! Clean sheet! Yep, I’m a defender! Go defense!

I am now sick once again though. After 6 games in 3 days, plus uni, plus going out and getting little sleep, I managed to catch a cold again. Boourns. I’m slowly getting better though, and still managed to go for a 7k run this morning, and should be okay for our two games tomorrow.

Back at school, they’ve been building this weird, giant “art” thing on the steps outside Elec Eng. I’ll put a photo of it on here when I can, but it turns out it’s a giant snake. Made of cardboard. For a design conference. It’s designed by students I think, because the pieces don’t all seem to match up quite the way I think they wanted them too. It’s kinda funny watching them out there every morning with drills and ladders, trying to hold these giant snake sections in place. I hope they paint it.

East Coast Challenge

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Day 3: We’re top of our pool for UniGames soccer. Yesterday we tied ANU and beat UTas, today we beat ACPE and UNE. Semi-finals this afternoon, with any luck we’ll win that as well and continue on to the finals tomorrow.

UniGames is like Varsity lite. It’s all about the parties every night, and the $5 massages available at the venues. Gi’s supplied a boom box for the games and even the games feel like a party. Only our 4th game had a team that was at all a challenge, and we still beat them 3-0. I keep skipping over to school between games, and am only going out 2 of the 4 nights, ’cause I’m old and stressed out about school. Every night before going out we “hold court” at someone’s place. Yesterday it was over at Basser College, which I missed but was apparently a big night out.

The weather is back to being fantastic - sunny and just generally wonderful. Not too hot yet. Perfect for soccer. An hour and a half until our semi-final match. Go New South!


Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Today I got up early with Ziv, to see him off at the airport. He’s going home for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Later in the day I struggled with Air Canada & Aeroplan websites to try and finish my flight bookings for August. I succeeded in getting a free flight from Vancouver to Toronto on August 25th, however I’m still working on the upgrade to first class for the over-seas flights.

I find it difficult to live somewhere if it doesn’t feel like home. Obviously home is where my family is, but the Brothel was also home, and I’m sure it felt that way for more people in the house than just me. Ghana also felt like home after a while - it was always nice to come back to school, or the Offei-Annors after a trip away. Here in Australia, I sometimes feel I’m at home. It felt more homey when Susan was here though. Kushal and Jamie made Cowper Street home. And here Ziv makes Maroubra home, but he’s away again. I’m starting to think that wherever I live, it’s not the place but the people who make where I live feel like a home. And I think it’s also why I’m having trouble really making Australia feel like home. People walk in and out of your life here so quickly. People finish their PhDs, start then finish a 3 month practicum, spend 2/3 of their time doing research in China or going to conferences.

Have you ever read “Gone With The Wind”? Scarlett O’Hara does many things - marrying men for their money is a main thing - all to keep the family land, Tara. When she feels out of sorts, broken, tired, needs to recoup, she goes back to Tara to regain her strength. Then she can go back out to the world and over-come any difficulty. But she needs that time on her land. Well, I need that time with my home too. After so long I feel the need to get back to Waterloo, to remember who it is I am deep down, then I can go back to whatever task is at hand and succeed at it. Or at least give it my best shot. I’m am extremely happy to be coming home soon. Australia’s getting better, but it’s been a long time coming.

Last year for Canada Day Ziv and I went to see a free concert in Darling Harbour. The night ended with fireworks. He bought me a hot chocolate. This year he bought me a tea at the airport. This evening I went out for dinner, then drinking with the soccer team. Today marks the beginning of UniGames, and teams from all over NSW, plus 1 from Queensland and 1 from Tassie, are here at UNSW to compete. Last year fireworks, this year lots of beer.

Happy Canada Day everyone!