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Small World

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

I was working today and a group of four people walked in. The one man was fully decked out in Canada gear, the hat and a shirt about how Northern Canada rocks. So I sat them in my section and got them some water, asked them how long they were on holidays for and what part of Canada they were from. Turns out they live out by Sports World and are in Broome on a cruise. The one man owns the construction company that does all the construction for the University - Small world eh. At the end of there meal they asked for a picture with me, very lovely people. I am leaving Broome in a week and heading down to Perth (the big city), leaving the small shire of Broome. It’s been a great experience here working as a manager at Zanders and I have meet some wonderful friends, and lets not forget its always sunny here so I have a great tan going on.

Miss you all
Love Susan

Are We Blessed or Are We Cursed?

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Have you ever looked back in history and thought: “Wow! I wish I had been alive then, things were so exciting. I wish I could have borne witness to that event”. To have heard Martin Luther King speak. To have watched the Beatles perform live. Heard the sermon on the mount, seen the fall of the Roman Empire, been an explorer to the New World back when the world was still flat, worked on the Manhattan Project. Been there when telephones were new, or the first train was built. Protested against the Vietnam War, gone to Woodstock. Does anyone else look back at history and think “Gee, I wish I’d been there!”

But we were not there. We were born now. Here. And I think we are blessed.

Of all the ages, in all of history, nothing comes close to being as important as what’s happening now. Not since the time of the dinosaurs. Not since the start of human history. Because this could be the end of human history. We are the generation that may write the ending to our story. May, because we also may be the generation that becomes the hero of our story.

These are exciting times, the most exciting times that have ever been. We have this incredible challenge facing the planet. Polution, population, climate change, disease. The consequences of our lifestyle are coming to a head. We cannot avoid it. We can either rise to the challenge, or ignore the challenge, but either way, the challenge is there and will no longer be denied. If we ignore the challenge, we know what the outcome will be. If we meet it head on, perhaps it will be the same. But even if it is, in what manner shall we give up this life? Just give it up? Without even trying to save it? No, certainly not.

We will never live the life that our parents lived. Maybe it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but even if we try to, soon the illusion will be shattered. Does that sound like we are cursed? To live out the consequences of their actions? But our actions would have been the same in their situation. People are people are people. That is what I have learned in life. People are people are people. So what do we do in our situation? The best that we can, which is what our parents would have done, and our parents’ parents.

And what is the best that we can do? Well, I don’t know yet. But we must all do our part. And everything is important. We are not all scientists and engineers and politicians. But we all eat. We all live in houses. We all need to get from A to B. We all bathe, and breathe, and, if you’re reading this, use computers. People are people are people, and our needs on a daily scale and a planetary scale are the same. If I drive a car to work, I cause a chunk of ice to melt. I help flood a country. Cause drought in the sahel.

Is space exploration important in the face of all this? Yes. Without it, we would never have understood so quickly what we’ve done to our planet, the magnitude of what we’ve done to this planet. We would never have had that beautiful, beautiful image of Earth from space, that image that united us all on this small, beautiful blue speck in the heavens. With space, we push the ideas of sustainable living to the absolute extreme edge and inspire humanity to meet even greater challenges.
Is teaching important? Yes. Even if those children never fully grow up, they are a part of this challenge. They too must eat, and breathe, and meet this challenge. And in a way, these children that we are teaching are our conscience.

Is working for Shell important? Yes. Because if the goal of the corporation is to survive, than a corporation such as Shell must change. Change to meet the demands of the people, for who will buy a product that there is no demand for? And if the corporation is to survive, that change must come from within.

Is being a housewife/househusband important? Yes. Because you will decide to wash the laundry in cold water and hang it on the line to dry. You will choose the phosphate free soap. You will be in charge of composting the left overs, making sure lights are turned off, that computers aren’t running all day. You must decide whether you will drive to the grocery store or take a bus or walk. You will decide if you drive you child to soccer on your own, or car pool with others in the neighbourhood.

And what will you decide? Are we blessed or are we cursed? Will we be the heroes, or give up in despair? Whatever we choose, it will be grand and beautiful. Whether a beautiful redemption, or a beautiful tragedy, I’m glad to be alive right now.

I Miss Ziv!

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

I miss Ziv: coming to a shirt near you.

Ziv left for Israel on Monday, and he’ll be there for a month. The gift he’s taking to his family and friends? T-shirts. Of his face. In black and white, but if you look closely the black parts are actually words. They say “I MISS ZIV” over and over and over, and make up his whole face. It’s hi-larious! Best. Gift. EVER. Can you imagine your friend walking up to you and giving you a t-shirt of him or herself, that repeatedly says you miss him or her? I laugh every time I think of it!

I think it’s been a good week. I don’t know. I’ve been too busy. It’s sad, because Ziv has left for a month, and Werner has gone back to Germany, and I was insanely busy with tutoring and EngWeek, but I do have my freedom back, and it still feels great.


Sunday, September 17th, 2006

My time is once again my own! I really like all the Crowe children, but you forget how much attention kids need. Little things, like making dinner, or sewing their jackets, making sure they brush their teeth, or don’t spend all their time watching t.v. (even though it would be sooooo convenient if they did). Alex was a big help, Murray is incredibly interesting, Dex and Viv are fun because they’re still young and like to play. I got to watch Star Wars, and more South Park and Family Guy than I could handle, read Dr. Seuss books, did lots of creative cooking. It was a good week. But all the same, I’m glad to be back in my own bed tonight.

I’m going to be evil and just go to sleep now. Homework can wait until morning. Goodnight!

Sue Disconnected

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

There is no Internet in Broome right now. So if you’re trying to get in touch with Sue via e-mail, sorry, she can’t get to the Internet right now. That is all.

Bicycles and Cars

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Ho. Ly. Sh*t. Driving on the left plays major games with your head. I’m at the Crowe’s house, and I’ll be here all week. I arrived yesterday, Phil and Sarah had already left, and that afternoon already the kids’ transit plans had become messed up. After some ingenuity on my part, Dex made it to his final destination. Today, when the location of Murray’s cricket practice was changed, I decided it was time to face my fears of driving in Australia. The Sydney Cricket Grounds aren’t far after all. And the Crowe’s very trustingly left me their car for the week. And I think my driver’s licence is valid here (I hope!). So Murray helped me, and I remembered to drive on the left, although it took a lot more concentration than I’m used to. So many backwards things!

So why am at the Crowe’s for a week? Well, Sarah and Phil, for the first time in 14 years, are have more than a week away from the kids while they spend the week biking through the Queensland rainforest! In other bicycle news, Andrew Cameron just told me his next big adventure will be doing the Tour d’Afrique - a bike race that starts in Cairo and ends in Capetown! Amazing! When Karolin moves back to Germany at the end of this year, I’m buying her bike. How cool is the Tour d’Afrique? It’s pricey to enter, but maybe I’ll just do the route for the hell of it some day. Mat, MJ, Justine, you want in?


Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
So this is the plan, I am heading down the West Coast the middle of October and will end up in Melbourne. November 20th Casey and I are going to fly to New Zealand do to some much needed camp/tramping and extreme sports. I will then fly from New Zealand to Sydney on the 14th of December to stay with Martha for Christmas and New Years - Sydney is suppose to awesome for New Years. Then the exciting trip home starts on Jan 5th, Martha and I are flying from Sydney to Singapore, then traveling through Malaysia and Thailand. Back to Singapore on the 19th and arrive back in Toronto on the 20th/21st of January
Time sure does fly
See ya’ll soon


Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

I just discovered two posts that Sue drafted a while back. Really way back. I guess I was supposed to edit them and post them, but totally fell off the ball. Sorry Sue! They’re below. Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Hello everyone- Well I have a job interview tomorrow selling tickets for the Commonwealth Games but the more exceiting news is that I have found a house. I am living with a gay couple, their crazy cousin, two cats and a dashhound. Don’t worry the cats are short hair and I don’t seem to have a problem. I am staying at my friends from MAC, Casey’s house on also a very nice floor (but mars yours still feels like clouds and I will be back to use the soap without asking!!!). I move in on Wednesday and the room and house is really nice and on a train line. It’s a very trendy house as they are gay.

Well I just wanted to say I am alive and well. And NOBODY has called me yet… well mom you did but that doesn’t count ’cause you pay for the phone bill.

Peace Out

More funny stories to follow with my house of fun. MISS YA :)

Sailing the Great Barrier Reef

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Well the sailing trip was awesome!!! Saw water snakes, dolphins, whales, and tons of fish. Nath and I did an intro dive which was awesome, so cool I will post the pics just beautiful so peaceful under the water. We have our last day of work at lindeman on friday and then we are going to party it up for Canada day in arlie beach and then start the drive up to Darwin