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Happy New Years - Year of the Dog

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

The flight here was long but we made it. I was 17hrs and the first 2 i think were all turblunace, I was pretty white by the end of that. 9 hours of sleep late and two movies, two meals and one very happy person to be on the ground we arrive at the Hong Kong airport.

We are staying in Hong Kong with friends of my parents. They have been great showing us around, excellent chinese suppers every night so we have got to try many very different dishes.

We went to the flower market in Victoria Park- this is where they sell all the traditional flower for new years, peach bloosms, orange tress etc.

Last night we went out and saw the night life of Hong Kong which was so much fun. Guido’s friend Shawn from Sport Check has taken on the roll as our tourguide. We found out that it is really expensive to buy drinks at the bar, but on Wednesdays are ladies nights soooo that means ladies get to drink for free all night long. Sweet deal, so you can guess where we will be on wednesdays nights.

Random facts so far:

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Distance travelled by plane: 15,350 km

Distance travelled by car: 1,850 km

Interesting animals seen along the way: Sea lions, elephant seals, harbour seals, whales

Cities we’ve stopped in: San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel, Lucia, Santa Barbara, New Port Beach, San Diego, La Jolla, Hong Kong.

Strangest food eaten so far: Desert moss (very tastey has a mushroom type taste),

Chicken feet - the whole bird is cooked and put on a platter- also black in colour not really sure why?

Bird’s nest (which is the reguratation from birds which people eat….)

Oh ya Pidgeons also a delicacy, not sure why it is such a treat for people since there are so many around. The birds are sooo small it doesn’t even look like they have any meat on them.