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Soccer Update

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I am currently in the Gold Coast for the Australian University Games for soccer. So far we’ve lost one (5-1 to Wollongong. Our first game. We played the first half with only 9 players, and Wollongong is the defending champ), tied one (1-1 against UNE), and won one (1-0 against Macquarie Uni). That’s good enough for second place in the group, so we’re on to the semi’s tomorrow (which is like a quarter final, since we end up playing in 2 semi-finals. I know. Weird).

Eventually resuts will be posted here, but maybe not until after the games are over.

Sailing the Great Barrier Reef

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Well the sailing trip was awesome!!! Saw water snakes, dolphins, whales, and tons of fish. Nath and I did an intro dive which was awesome, so cool I will post the pics just beautiful so peaceful under the water. We have our last day of work at lindeman on friday and then we are going to party it up for Canada day in arlie beach and then start the drive up to Darwin

Byron Bay, Brisbane, and Noosa

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Well the 1975 carolla is treating use very well - still doesn’t like the mornings but she is purring by the afternoon. We headed up the coast the other day…. all the days here kinda blend together and stopped in Terra and then Vella which were both very small towns. In Vella we stayed at one of Naths friends cousin, moms, boyfriends, sons place they were both really great people and it was a beautiful place. In the morning we got up and went for a run, I saw dolphins so cool. Went for a swim and used our new found body board in the waves. Then we went up to Byron Bay and meet up with Simon from Kin which was a lot of fun. Had some very funny nights and ended up meeting some more random french guys who ended up car pooling with us to Noosa - its a pretty tight fit with four people in the car and all our stuff lol. Stopped in Brisbane for the Ben Harper concert which was amazing - Jack Johnson also did a special apperance!!!! We stayed at another one of Naths friends places who was very nice but not all that smart, asked me what part of the states is canada. Then we pick up the randon french guys, Tonguy and Thibault- both very nice and funny. Got to Noosa were we stayed for two days. The first night we wanted to ’sleep in nature’ but the national park doesnt have camping, so we decided to camp on the beach. Good tip for people dont put your tent up in low tide cause when high tide comes in their is no beach. So we had to pack everything up, I ended up falling in the water trying to carry the tent and my sleeping bag. Decided to just put up the tent in the carpark lol in the morning people were jogging by the tents and looking in cause we didnt put on the fly haha. So to bed around 4am got up at 6am and took the tent down so we wouldnt get in touble and then took our sleeping bags and passed out hard on the beach.
So those are some highlights from the trip so far, Fraser Island on thursday and then to the whitsundays to find a job