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The Tassie Top Ten (according to Mars)

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

10. This is the only part of Australia that actually has 4 seasons. Right now it’s fall, and lovely.

9. Kraft Dinner, for the first time since I left Canada!

8. King Solomon’s Caves - imagine what the caves in Helm’s Deep would look like (we kept saying that everything was so amazing it was “like we were in a movie”. Are movies better than real life now? But the scenery was seriously amazing. Tassie is more like NZ than Australia apparently, hence we felt we were in LOTR all week).

7. The Henty Dunes near Strahan. Try to imagine seeing ocean, desert, boreal forest and mountain, all in one picture. It’s very bizzarre.

6. Wombats!

5. Ranbows! Everyday!

4. Never paying the advertised price for anything - taxis, vans, campsites. People just loved knocking the price down on things. If you stood there chatting long enough, they’d probably make everything free.

3. The climb to the peak of Cradle Mountain.

2. Fairy Penguins. Although apparently it’s politically incorrect to call them that now.

1. Tassie radio - the tagline for the new Paris Hilton perfume is “Why beat men off with a stick when you can just beat them off?”


Sunday, April 16th, 2006

I am back in Sydney crashing at Martha’s place with Nath after our fun week adventure of traveling Tasmania. So the trip started off with us putting up a posting that we were looking for two people to travel around Tassie to split the costs. This French guy Youssif ended up calling and came along for the trip. We took the spirit of Tasmania which took 11 hours to get to Tassie but was a fun experience. We ended just drinking a bottle of Gin and playing cards and meet some random Aussie boys going back to Tassie. When we got to Tassie we rented a car but to save money we got a standard car (which both nath and myself cannot drive so that meant Frenchy had to do all the driving- but he said he was cool with that) Not the best decision we have made. Turns out that Frenchy is a crazy driver and speed even after us asking him to slow down continually - I guest French guys don’t listen to women. But we are all alive and well- thank goodness. The first day we went on a little walk to see a gorge which was beautilful- so pretty. We then went to see a cave with glow worms- kinda cheesy but still fun. That night we stayed at Cradle Mountain where they charged us $41 dollars to camp - come on. It was rainy and windy so we couldn’t climb the summit which was disappointing but would have been too dangerous and we wouldn’t have seen anything. We decided to go to Strahan which was a really cute town did a walk around. After Strahan we headed to St. Claire Lake and did just a couple short walks as the weather still was not nice at all. and stayed at a hostel- so we could warm up. We paid for one and slept three in the room - good deal. We meet some more French guys who were really nice and chatty.
We booked it to Hobart (the big town) so we go to the information center and ask what there is to do in Hobart… apparently nothing really haha. Their is the Cadbury Factory which is suppose to be good but was all booked… who knew it was busy season in Tassie since it is cold and wet. So the information center was a bust so we went looking for a hostel and checked ourselves in. Meet a very nice girl Sofia from Sweden and we went out for fish and chips (not very good at all) and then went back to the hostel with a box of wine and played cards. She taught us a new game called shithead which is fun.

The next day we headed to Freycient National Park, but first I wanted to stop and do a maze. Well the maze turned out not like the tri-wizards cup at all, but it still was a lot of fun and we got a chocolate frog at the end (so that was kinda like Harry Potter). Then we headed to the National Park and asked the girl at information what is good to do. There was a hike to the top of Mount Amos which would take about three hours so we decided to do that, we also asked about camping and she said we could pay tonight or tomorrow morning….. we took option 3 not to pay at all and move the car before they opened at 8.

So we climbed Mount Amos which was so amazing!!! There was a lot of bouldering, and steep climbing but in the end the up hill climb was so work it. Amazing view of Wineglass Bay.

We found a good place to set up our tent that was pretty sheltered from the wind as we were right on the ocean. Turns out the French guys that we meet a couple days ago also ended up here so we camped together. As for our camp gear we didn’t have much and ended up cooking out of cans (classy) on an electric bbq - thus we had a cold dinner. We did see a possum who wanted our dinner and one of the French dudes caught a scorpion in a bowl. Cool to see but I wasn’t getting to close.

After the awesome time hiking around we went back to Hobart for the final night cause Nath and I had to catch a plane to Sydney in the morning. So we found a place to park the car by the airport and slept in the car- we finished off the boxed wine and tried to get a little sleep. And now we are in Sydney working, Nath is working at a Cafe and I am working as a housekeeper just like Blue Crush.

Happy Easter all