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EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #8: Valencia!

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

And finally, we get to the reason for the whole trip: European Union Photovoltaic …. 2008 in Valencia, Spain! I was co-authored on two papers, but Stuart saw fit to send me to the conference anyways. I’ve promised lots and lots of journal papers in place of future conferences.

Budi, Roland, Stan, Nicole, Yael and I rented a 6 person apartment for the week - super cheap, in the old section of the city, half way between the conference centre and the beach. Nino, Lara, Ivan, Jeanna, her husband, and Sangwook also rented a 6 person apartment. It was a fun week. Lots of papers, tonnes of industry booths, and lots of free dinners and parties.

The only disappointment, really, was the quality of the oral presentations. Some were really good, but most were a waste of time - either not relevant to my topic (but there was nothing else to watch), or it was some company announcing their latest efficiency, but not actually talking about what they’re doing. Sheesh. It gave me lots of hope and plenty of ideas for my own papers though.

Budi Stan conference

Roland Valencia paper