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EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #6: Paris

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Paris was the best city for the boys, however by this time we’d learned something. Stanley (and to some extent Roland) is not really interested in art or history, so when he asked what was next on the plan if it was art, his interest dropped a bit. If it was history, it dropped even lower. If it involved paying money of some sort, that was pretty much rock bottom and he wouldn’t really be into it. So, Europe not the hit that it could be in some respects. Also, they’re not into hostels. After the rather run down one in Rome, the decided no more, it’s hotels for them, so I stayed at the hostel in Montmartre as planned, and they went off to a 4-star hotel on the Champs Elysee and had a grand (but pricey) old time. Budi’s parents happened to be visiting Paris at the same time as us, so he spent most of his time in Paris with them.

Rona Stan Champs Elysee

The thing that they did love about Paris is the amazing transit system. There’s just no waiting. Any time you go down into the metro, there’s a train arriving. So Roland was in love with that. When he’s the dictator of some country somewhere, expect excellent public transit based on the Paris Metro and RER. Stan loved the shopping on the Champs Elysee, even though I tried to stop them (so expensive!), and all the lambourghini’s you can see cruising on it at night. It’s the biggest, busiest city we were in, and Roland made the concession that, unlike the rest of Europe, this was a city that he could live in.

Rona and Zidane

Roland and I hit most of the tourist spots (Les Invalides, the Pantheon, Versailles, Place de la Concorde), and Stan joined in for la tour Eifel and the Louvre.

Rona's palace

Louvre at night

Lafayette with Stan

Paris at night

La Tour Eifel at night