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EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #5: Rome

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I asked Roland and Stan, since they hadn’t been to Europe before, what were the must see locations for them. Paris and Rome were the must-sees. For me, that was great too because Sharada was in Rome working for FAO at the time, and so I was able to stay with her during our time there.

So we did the Colliseum, all the piazzas, churches, gellato, but the best stories are the Stanley stories at the Vatican.

We were going through the Vatican museum. It’s full of interesting art, historical artifacts. Turns out Stanley is not really an art or history buff (so not too impressed by most of Europe), but he does like the ancient Egyptian stuff which the Vatican has a fair amount of. We’re looking at this old, Egyptian mummy, preserved behind glass, so many people that Stanley’s pressed up beside me, and we’re both pressed up to the glass. Stan turns to me, and says “Martha, do you think it would be, like, rude, to take a photo?” (you know, because that mummy is a dead body, it used to be someone). Pressed up against Stanley’s other side, a man with an enourmous camera focusing in on the head of the mummy stops and looks at Stan. Stan: “Sorry, sorry! Not you, I meant for me! Not you!”.


Cut to a little while later. We all got separated, I got lost for a while, rather traumatizing. I finally get back to the guys, and Budi, Stan and I are waiting for Roland to return from the search in this Octagonal Garden courtyard. Stan asks me “So Martha, of all the Asian countries - China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand - which one is your favourite?” I said I don’t know, I haven’t been to all of them yet, but perhaps China. It’s really large, diverse, has so much to see. He says “Oh, Korea. I don’t like Koreans. They’re very rude.” Budi’s whispers “Stan! Stan!” and starts pointing. We’re sitting right beside an enormous Korean tour group. “Oh! Why didn’t you guys tell me?” We didn’t know what he was going to say! Oh, but we laughed!

Stanley paying his respects

Cut to a little later. Roland and Stan are walking down the street at night, back to the hostel. Stan asks Rona “Ok, so of all the countries we’ve been to, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, which one do you think has the prettiest girls?” and Roland started to laugh. He said “Stan, maybe you should look around and see who’s listening before you ask and more questions.”


Okay, I have to put these in too. The first is of all of us at Sharada’s “bohemian” apartment. The second is just after I took a sip of the coffee she made me.

Bohemian Apt

Salt water coffee

There was salt in it instead of sugar ;P