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EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #12: Freiberg (x2)

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

After Crete, my flights didn’t quite work out the way I wanted them to, so I got 2 more nights in Germany. I spent my extra day back in Freiberg at the Fraunhofer. This time I crashed with Shelly and Emily, and Emily once again took me in to the Fraunhofer with her. The institute was having a grand opening for it’s module testing research facilities this time, so I saw some experiments in action. The most impressive was the hail-resistance testing set up. They make spherical, 2cm dia. ice balls, and shoot them out of a ice cube gun at a solar panel. We wore eye goggles. It was awesome.

Later I met with Daniel Kray, a researcher in the laser doping area who came to Sydney in August (remember his awesome kids?). He gave me another, much more thorough tour of the labs. He has access to a lot more stuff, and is more senior then Emily, so I actually got to go in everywhere as opposed to just look in the windows. And most impressively, he took me in to the laser doping lab, so that I could see it in action. It’s quite different to the way we do it at UNSW, and personally I think our way of doing it is easier, but whatever. It’s all research.

That night I went over to Daniel’s for dinner. We cooked, his two little girls played with us, and after they went to bed we went for a walk. He lives in this tiny German village surrounded by all these vineyards. We ate grapes, walked up to an old, old church at the top of some hill, and then I caught the bus back to Emily and Shelly’s. Wished them good bye and thanked them, Karo and Werner dropped me off at the train station, and I caught the midnight train to the Frankfurt airport.

An all-nighter on trains, then at the airport, trying to catch cat-naps on benches. I thought my flight was at 9, but it was actually later, so I probably could have just gone in the morning, but oh well. I caught the plane to Taiwan, for 2 more nights there before my return to Sydney.

EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #4: Freiberg

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

So the reason for the Germany stop finally arrives: the Fraunhofer!

Fraunhofer ISE is the largest solar research institue in the world at the moment, and we went to check it out and visit Emily and Shelly, a couple of UNSW post-grads who are there on exchange.

Emily gave us a tour of the many, many buildings and labs of the Fraunhofer, except the two we were most interested in of course, their ink jet printing and laser doping labs. But the whole thing was really cool. We saw where they cast multicrystalline ingots, and where they saw them into wafers. Emily showed us the thin film lab she works in, and some dirty lab areas, and we looked in the windows of the clean labs and PV Tech - their pilot production facility. We saw module testing. Had lunch. Met lots of peolple. It was very interesting.

Fraunhofer cells

Dye Sol

Group at FISE

Karolin and her boyfriend Werner also live in Frieberg, so Budi and I stayed with them while Roland and Stan stayed with Emily and Shelly. We all went out to a Biergarten at the top of this small mountain at sunset for a drink, then met up with a tonne of other people for a huge German dinner (Roland learned: “Ich moechte ein Schnitzel essen!”), and then went out for ice cream. And so many friends! It was awesome once again, just like Taipei, we found we had so many friends everywhere we went and that just made travelling so much more fun.

Biergarten sunset

Freiberg dinner

Ice cream group

Karo's place