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EUPVSEC’08 World Tour Stop #2: Frankfurt

Monday, October 20th, 2008

From Taipei we went to Frankfurt, and spent a night there before continuing on to more PV related things. The first challenge was finding our hotel. The guys have never really done the backpacking thing, and they didn’t pack all that light, so they did not like dragging their suitcases around on public transit, and down the sidewalk and such. Then the hotel was overbooked :( But in a way, charmed Martha struck at this point, because we got upgraded to the higher-class hotel across the street, and were still in time for the all-you-can-eat free breakfast that was part of the room deal. And it was a mighty fine breakfast, none of this European Continental stuff. There were eggs and sausages, salads and cereals, yougurt, fresh fruit and cheese, rolls and luncheon meat. We stuffed ourselves.

We walked around the shopping district, the boys all got Vodafone SIM cards so they could call their girlfriends in Sydney, and then we checked out the old town. We had an awesome German dinner at some sort of German pub. The place was packed, and they just seat you with random other people at tables, but the vibe was really great. Stan and Roland were ready to find Europeans very cold, prejudiced, and such, but we really got off to a very good start in Germany. Everyone was really warm, helpful, interesting - basically, they were pleasantly surprised, and I was super relieved.