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Winter Fun

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Hello All,

So life is good here. I have updated some pictures so you can see where I live and work,

Work is going well, I got a second job kinda. It is still working for the mountain but I am doing an aftercare programm Monday to Thursday. So I work 10 hours a day but I now get a three day weekend which awesome! My skiing is improving and I have been taking some lessons which help a lot and the people are so nice. Brock is working at the Four Season and meet Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher the other day and apparently Brad and Ang are staying there right now as well… but we haven’t seen them yet.

I was dog sitting Charlie last week while Drew and Shae went on holidays which was a lot of fun, Honey Bunny I miss you! And once I figure out the next step in my life as the seasons will start to change again, in the next couple month maybe I will  get a dog. Not sure what my plans are at the moment. I do enjoy living in Whistler and I am still looking for a job with the Olympics- Maybe Whistler maybe Vancity we will see what turns up.  Miss ya - SL

Ski School update

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Add to the resume I am a lumberjack now. Brock and I went out the other night after I got off a day of teaching 4 three year olds…. thus I was pretty tired. But I still went out into the bush to cut down our Christmas tree. We even did this legally, got a permit to go on crown land or any land under the power lines to cut down a tree for Christmas. I knew some of the back area from walking Charlie so we decided to go get a tree from under the power lines. We have quite a bit of snow and there was about a foot and half with a nice icy layer on top so every time you try to walk you fall through.

Brock was on a mission to get this tree in the daylight (good idea) I got off work at 4 and it starts to get dark around 4:30ish , so we decided to split up and go tree hunting. I found a couple trees and Brock decided to cut the larger of the two down (Christmas Vacation) but we did cut it down a couple times so that it would fit into the apartment.

We just finished decorating the tree and it looks beautiful :)

Ski School update….

I have two main groups of kids during the week and will have the rest of the season. My first group right now has just two kids both little red heads and are awesome!

My second group is 4 three year old boys and they have never skied so they are a handful. So far I have to clean up one kids that pooped his pants and another kid that stood at the door and made a nice little puddle of pee. One child told me that I should go for a coffee break haha.

Overall I am really enjoying teaching it is very challenging but very rewarding Oh and this morning I found a lost dog but he had tags and I called the owners and they came and got him. I am getting closer to having my own dog :)

The Mountain is OPEN!!!

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Both Blackcomb and Whistler are now open for business. So this ski instructor has started training which consists of learning how to ski which is key for me at the moment, but get this I am not the worst one! AWESOME. I continue on with training for the next 10 days and will get my first bunch of kids in the next couple weeks.

Also this past weekend was the 10th anniversary of the passing of our friend Jenn Tunstall - time does not stop so live in the moment and do what makes you happy. I am very happy with my life choice to move to the West coast for the time being. I went for a hike the other day with Brock, Aaron and my dog friend Charlie who is a very fluffy dog and he wasn’t watching where he was going and walked into a bur bush- thus the dog got a nice hair cut when he got back to me place.

Bear update- so Brock and Aaron where out partying the other night and informed me later that there was a bear with two cubs in the village just waking around. And of course there were some Asian people following taking pictures not the smartest ideal. Also, the other day when I was waiting to get on the gondola an Asian women pointed to me and wanted to get a picture with me. OF COURSE I let the women take a picture of me and her with her holding my ski poles. Take that Mars they love me here!!!

Here are some photos if you want to see some pic’s

That is about all new with this girl,

Sue xo

S is Back in the House!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Hello all, well my life adventures have started back up. I am currently employed at Whistler Blackcomb teaching skiing to kids aged 3-4. Sounds like a random job cause it is as I don’t really ski or have skis when they offered me the job. Now I do have skis and have learned that its all about pizza and fries. The drive out was an awesome adventure, did the drive with two friend from University, Brock and Casey. We all got along fine and made our way across the country staying on random friends floors/couch’s. Thanks so all who helped us out along the way. I am waiting the arrival of Nath this weekend, the first friend from Ontario to come and visit. We are going to tour around the island and then head to Whistler to have some wild and crazy times. As per the weather it is cold and wet here….much different to Ontario which is hot and humid. There is snow already in Whistler so I am hoping the hill opens soon.

Take care, peace out. SL