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2nd Knit Complete!

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Inspired by all my Christmas knitting books, and as a thanks to Budi and a have a good time in China gift, I knitted him a fancy scarf! Here he is modelling it:


1st Knit Complete!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

So a lot has happened since the last post - Christmas, New Years, a trip to the Red Centre of Australia, I’ve moved flats for teh time being, and…. I’ve completed my first knitting project!


I made a baby blanket for my friend Jamie’s new baby. Jamie’s my old flat mate who has moved back to China, and I may have put her bad boyfriend story in here at some point, but anyways, she got knocked up, they got married, and now she has a lovely baby boy. I wanted to make the blanket red, because red is lucky in Chinese tradition, but all the reds were too garish (or too pricey). I think the burgandy turned out to be a good, gender neutral, close to red choice that ended up better than I expected. I also planned on having this blanket finished before Jamie’s baby was born, but I was about r4 weeks too late. I blame exams. Not exactly a good time to start knitting projects. Although I expect that’s when lots of people do actually start knitting projects.

In other knitting news, I received 2 knitting books for Christmas! Very exciting! One was from my friend Budi, it’s a scarf book, and has lots of interesting, impractical scarfs that look fun to make in it. Expect some random presents all you friends and family members back home :) My first attempt is a scarf for Budi. It’s a bit different than in the book, because I had to swap the yarn for something a bit less expensive, and the colours are a bit different, and I had to go down a few sizes in needles, so I added some stitches and rows into the pattern…. all told it still looks good, fairly close to the pattern, maybe just a shade thinner than you’d like a scarf to be. Whatever. It never gets that cold in Australia anyways, and it’ll loosen up a bit as I go I think.

The second knitting book I received is “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch”! Which is also exciting, and has lots of fun patterns at the back. And it’s also a mystery - I have no idea who sent it. It was puchased online and has no sender or billing information, and no note, so if you sent it, please let me know! I want to say thanks. I read the first half of the book (on techniques, and materials, and all that sort of stuff), over the past 2 days. It’s a very funny, informative book. Love it!

Yesterday I went to my local yarn shop and spent a fair bit on yarn (it was a 50% off sale, last day - I went a bit nuts). And on Christmas I gave the Canadian girls (Laura, Syl, & Meg) some yarn and knitting needles (Meg was inspired to learn when she saw me knitting while I lived with them), so they’re all hooked now too.

I have lots of stuff to tell you about Christmas and New Years and Uluru, but I’ll wait on that until I get the photos. Oleg has the Uluru and New Years stuff on his camera, and he wants to sort it and pare it down a bit before it gets to me. I have Christmas photos on my laptop, however it’s no longer connected to the internet, so I have to remember to bring the photos in to uni now. And Laura has the Christmas eve photos. All will be collected in time.


Monday, October 29th, 2007

Sometimes you forget that being happy is a decision that you need to make. You just have to decide to let go of all the little things that are upsetting you, and embrace everything that you love. And so, I’m back to normal again. Took a bit of a scare to get me here, but I’m back.

Floz and I took of uni early today to go to the beach. Tomorrow a whole bunch of people are coming by to carve pumpkins. Yesterday we had soccer try-outs for the club team, and a bunch of the UniGames people turned up, so it should be a fun season next year.

Aaaaaand, this may also turn into a bit of a knitting blog soon as well. Look out people! The crafty Canadian ladies have finally influenced me into taking it up. If you remember me talking about Jamie, back when I lived in Mulwarree, well she’s back in China now, and pregnant. The girls back home have inspired me into doing some knitting for her new baby. Not sure what I’ll make, but it’s going to be red. Which is odd, I know, for a baby, but in China red is the colour for luck. People wear it at weddings, and everything at New Years is red, so I thought something red for the new baby would be appropriate. And it’s gender-neutral too, which is a plus. I’m going to see if I can find a good yarn store in Sydney and get some advice from them. It might actually prove difficult finding baby-soft yarn in red. I think it’s mostly pastels.