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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

After the big wedding, Yael & I stopped over in Singapore to meet up with all the UNSW alumni there. We had a tour of the REC production plant, SERIS, and then had a night on the town courtesy of SERIS. Good times.

South East Asia Stop #5: Singapore Redux

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I feel I should finish this off. This is the end of Susan and Martha’s Excellent Adventure together. Our last stop. I’m not sure what will happen to the blog after this, but it will still be here. Possibly with a new name. Possibly with a new colour scheme. But you’ll still be able to read about the adventures. It will all still be here.

So our return to Singapore was done by a hiddeous over-night bus once again. It was only 1 bus instead of 3, but this one had a leak and dripped cold water onto Susan’s seat alllll night long. She moved to a conveniently vacant seat at the back, but still didn’t sleep a wink.

We arrived back at our hostel early in the morning, had to wait for the staff to get up before we could get in. Slept. Showered. Went to and All-You-Can-Eat-Chocolate-Buffet!!!

Yes, Singapore did end up making up for it’s past disastrousness in the end. We dressed up, went to a fancy hotel, and enjoyed one of the most ridiculously wonderful self-indulgences ever created. There was live string & piano music. There were 3 tables of chocolate - the choose-your-own-hot-chocolate table, the chocolate fondue table, and the everything else you could possibly imagine table. It contained everything from chocolate cake, chocolate squares, and cookies, to chocolate shots and grape soup. It. Was. Fantastic! Let’s just say our next DBC will have a few more creative ideas in it.

Sue and I flew home the next day. There was a lovely orchid garden in the airport, complete with a pond full of koi. It was probably 30°C.

We arrived in Canada at 7am the next day. There was a mix-up as to what terminal we were landing at, so Sue and I made $4.50 returning baggage carts in the meantime:) It was cold and snowy. I loved it!

Now Susan is in Canada, and I am in Australia again. It was an unforgettable year. I’m going to miss having Susan in roughly the same time zone as me. I think there will be one more “Excellent Adventure” post after all, so stay tuned.

South East Asia Adventure, Stop #1: Singapore

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Singapore is way bigger than HK! It takes us over an hour to get anywhere. Maybe we should have stayed closer to the city centre, but the people at this hostel are so nice. Despite the draw-backs, I’m glad we’re here.

Went on a river tour & pub crawl our first night here, (Casey we went to a zero degree bar, but not as cool as the one in New Zealand). Leaving the hostel we got our first taste of the true nature of the neighbourhood we are staying in - prostitute central. The old guys taking home the young Thai girls only increases in numbers as the night gets later. Also, the music next door is super loud.

Saturday Sue and I went to Johor - scratch that, I went to Johor, while Sue waited at the Singapore-Malaysia border because she forgot her passport at the hostel - to buy tickets to KL for today. We’re still in Singapore, the reason for which happened Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon we went to Orchard Street to check out the major shopping area. Man, I felt under-dressed! There was a line up to get into the Louis Vuiton! I got in line, and the lady in front of me was going into the LV with a LV bag. Kinda like walking into a Timmy’s with a Timmy’s, but on another social level. We ate dinner at a place called Thai Express on Orchard St. That was where we made our (near) fatal mistake.

After Orchard St. we went to the Night Safari, which was really cool. Even after I threw up twice due to food poisoning from the stupid Orchard St. restaurant! So that’s saying something. I really didn’t want to leave, but really, what else could we due? We got a bag (paper, they had no plastic) and took the bus. I threw up twice on the bus. Sue was impressed by how quietly I could puke. We decided to get off and cab the rest of the way after a while though. Got off the bus, I went and threw up in the bathroom of a restaurant and Sue got some plastic bags (the paper just wasn’t cutting it). Caught a cab that would take us back to the hostel, threw up two more times in the cab, and finally got back.

Sue took good care of me, and so did everyone at the hostel. I spent most of the night throwing up, thinking I would die, then all of Sunday in bed. We decided one more day of rest would be good before braving the trip to KL. Good idea. I started really eating again today, so we should be good for the rest of the trip now.

Sue saw more of Singapore than me, so she has some better impressions of it. I leave the rest to her. Peace out, homeslices!


Yes, I do have a pretty good impression of Singapore as I went on a 43km bike ride, left Mars in bed to recover, basically saw all the main highlights of the island. Biking in traffic is nuts here, the other girl on the tour almost took a car door to the face when some lady opened it without looking, I was behind an saw the whole thing. I really enjoyed the trip and I think it is the best way to see Singapore. Tony the owner and guide of the bike ride was awesome, had loads of information about buildings, history etc to share along the way. Went to a water reycling plant and drank %100 water converted from sewage water- tasted pretty good. I will see what the side effects are later.
The hostel has been good, as Mars said we are in an interesting district but it is part of the experience. They also have a cat that has a cow- kinda cool. Next stop Malaysia! I have already packed my passport so I won’t forget it- no worries. Peace Out -SL