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Safe and Sound in Perth

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
Left Broome the morning of Oct 11th with Kris - 19 year old who owns the car, Scotty a chef from town beach and his girl friend Miho from Japan. The car was packed to the tits, could hardly fit one person into the backseat let alone two. Kris had to give away his skate board (doesn’t skate anyways) his new dinner plate set, and left his computer at a friend’s house. Good thing I didn’t bring the wine rack that was given to me haha. After Kris purged his stuff we were still left with his swag, a rolling suitcase, a bag for his toiletries, a bag of girlie magazines, oh and don’t forget the weights (never used). Kris was definitely not a backpacker in the beginning but by the end he started to see the way of less is more. So we finally got everything and everybody packed into the Ford Falcon and started off on our great adventure to 80 mile beach which is about a 3 hr drive from Broome.The caravan park we stayed at was very nice, loads of shells so Miho was in heaven as she likes to make necklaces and earrings out of them. There was a young couple from Tassie staying beside us in this huge tent. We actually saw them driving from Broome and passed them a couple times as they are driving a little white Carolla. Nath don’t worry I am totally missing our car and you on this trip, it hasn’t been the same without you!!
Fast track a couple days - went to Karajini - great gorges, Exmouth- saw a little joey so cute.
Coral Bay
Travelling with another car, Dave (ENGLISH) and Mary & Diedre (Irish) we arrived in the very nice small town of Coral Bay (probably not a town maybe a shire), only one road but those are the best kind of towns. NOTE: Kris pointed out on the way down that Broome didn’t have any drain pipes or traffic lights, thus small town. Well we all decided that we would have a big night out cause it had been over a week since we had been out to Oasis in Broome and we needed some time to just let loose after driving so far. Kris had a few too many drinks, which turned him into an awesome pool player but decreased his ability to sing karaoke, at least he guessed every third word or so. The seven year old boy showed him how it is really done, yes in Australia kids go to the pub with their parents- weird. Miho also got up and showed us her skill with a Japanese number. Overall a very fun night - but we did end up getting kicked out of the caravan park the next day as we were too loud.
The next morning I was invited by a couple guys from Perth to go for a plane ride over Coral Bay- of course I said YES. After the very young pilot noticed the flat tire, filled that up and away we went. So awesome, I got to see three humpback whales, and manta rays- so cool. But after 30 min I was ready to come down, looking very green in the face. After the plane ride I went for a walk on the beach because I was told there were reef sharks about 20min walk up the beach in a little bay. Reef sharks apparently don’t attack humans, so I ventured into the water with them (around 50 or so reef sharks just cruising around). One started to come towards me and I booked it out of the water so fast haha, wasn’t going to stick around to meet it.
Got back to the camp site, got kicked out and started our travels to Shark Bay/Monkey Mia……… more to come on the travel adventrues. I am in Perth now, going to be here for about a month so I am looking for a job and getting an apartment with my friend Oliver from Broome so I am pretty excited. Hope all is well and can’t wait to hear from everyone.